History of A & F Insurance Services

Our mission at A & F Insurance Services is to provide genuine, personal service that will help you to decide what type of health or life insurance to get between you and your loved one’s. Our respectful and dedicated company will ensure that you or your loved one has a satisfied health insurance and most importantly affordable.

A & F Insurance Services was founded by Abbas (Anshan) Habibzadeh in 1987 when he took it upon himself to develop a health and life care company that would strive to assist the anyone in need of insurance at a affordable rate.  A & F Insurance Services’s Founder, Chairman Abbas (Anshan) Habibzadeh is commitment to maintaining his client’s satisfaction, trust, and well being. Our top priority at A & F Insurance Services is to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining a professional atmosphere, personal relationship, and a positive outlook.



Unique in the Marketplace

We are unique in the marketplace because we offer the most dependable and trusted source for health/life insurance. We have the professional and industry experience to effectively analyze each client’s health/life insurance expectations.


A & F Insurance Services has been in the business of providing quality Health Insurance for professionals for the metropolitan area since 1987. We have successfully built an organization that focuses on the needs of clients by providing them with affordable and reliable health providers.

Abbas (Anshan) H. Habibzadeh is the Founder, Chairman of A & F Insurance Services. Based in Washington D.C Metro area, Anshan holds an MBA degree from he University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Univeristy of Distict of Columbia.  The vision, professionalism and integrity that Anshan brings to the company has provided A & F Insurance Services with the ideal blend of strategic and day-to-day business insights that have made us what we are today.